We engaged in sourcing of a wide variety of used products which we supply worldwide. We pride ourselves Sellers whom procure only the highest quality products, following very strict quality control procedures in line with the required international standards. We currently operate in several European countries, Canada, the US, across the Persian Gulf, Africa, and neighboring Asian countries. Our distribution network enables true world connection and we are consistently expanding the number of markets we serve.
The company is dealing in a wide range of  products and the demand ever keeps increasing.  Hence, the company has established a multipurpose warehousing facilities within other countries in the Europe (EU) , which suits all the different product types. The warehouses are safe, spacious and properly handled by experts.

Network :
We have established itself as a reputable entity active in affiliated wholesale purchase and competitive price supplier  by sourcing and trading with the best manufacturers, buying in bulk and selling at extremely affordable prices.  We currently source from several EU locations, both east & west coasts of the USA and we serve markets in  the whole of Europe, North America, Asia, South Pacific & Parts of North and East Africa. Our products are delivered on a timely basis through a highly efficient and speedy network of transportation.
Waste Oil Collection
We are different from most other vegetable oil suppliers in the market as we are able to offer our customers an all-in-one service, so that when we call to deliver fresh oil to your premises we can also collect your used cooking oil at the same time.
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