The high quality and the safety of our products are proved by attached certificates of conformance and attestations of quality. We have all necessary certificates and authorizations for export of by-products to the ports of Southeast Asia: Hong Kong,
Bangkok, Haiphong. Our quality is Grade A and well inspected by SGS and ISO, HACCP certified. We ensure to provide Origin and Health certificates for each shipment.

Available in various forms: Loin, Ham, Pork tail, Pork Feets - Frozen pork front feet, Frozen pork hind feet, Frozen pork stomachs, Frozen pork ears, Pork Flaps, Pork ear "flaps" ,Frozen pork tails, Frozen pork intestine, Frozen pork head, skin, bones, Pork collar, Pork belly, Pork shoulder, Pork tenderloin, Pork head ,Pork jowl, Chitterlings, Shank, ETC
Pork (Fresh & Frozen Pork Parts)
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