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Pure Refined Oils

Global Distributor of Edible Oils

We are actively involved in the wholesale vegetable oils market. We supply both refined and crude vegetable oils including palm, soya, sunflower, and corn. We also provide tallow, an animal fat-based oil, as well as bulk oils (full or cargo size) and flexitanks. Food service and retail sizes of refined cooking oils are also available. We offer private label and branded label edible oil products. As a premiere food distributor, we also offer specialty vegetable oils and fats to satisfy your specific food industry needs.

Bulk Cooking Oils Wholesale – Variety in brands and Packaging

Tradeway Direct is global food distributor of wholesale cooking oils. We provide our customers with selection in bulk packaging, variations in grade of product, and private label and branding options. Our unique supply chain and carefully selected sources help you get the best wholesale edible oil products for your business. To learn more or to get in touch with our edible oil commodity specialists, 

Wholesale Cooking Oils Product Types

Palm Oil

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil made from palm fruit. Palm fruit is the source of both palm oil (extracted from the fruit) and palm kernel oil (extracted from the seeds). Palm oil is a high-quality oil used in cooking, cleaning, and even cosmetic products.

Refined Palm Oil: Refined palm oil is obtained from refining crude palm oil. It is a light-yellow liquid and semi-solid at room temperature, melting to a clear yellow liquid when heated. Refined palm oil provides texture and taste for a variety of products from margarine and confectionery products to chocolate and ice creams.

RBD Palm Olein (RBD refined, bleached and deodorized): RBD palm oil is obtained from separating refined palm oil to liquid parts (olein) and solid parts (stearin). It is a clear yellow liquid at room temperature. Free from odors and flavors, it is a popular choice for cooking and frying in the food industry.

 Palm Stearin (Vegetable Fat): Palm stearin is a white solid at room temperature which melts to a yellow clear liquid when heated. This solid fraction of palm oil is produced through crystallization and primarily found in shortenings and ghee.


A rendered form of animal fat processed from suet (raw animal fat), tallow is used to make soap, used in cooking, animal feed, and was once used for making candles. Tallow is solid at room temperature and can be stored for long periods of time with no refrigeration if in sealed containers.

 Extra Fancy Tallow:  Extra Fancy Tallow is prime grade tallow that has been refined and bleached using organic clay. It is used in the manufacture of soaps and oleochemicals, as well as for animal feed.

 Top White Tallow: Top white tallow is prime grade tallow that has been refined, bleached and just slightly lower grade than the extra fancy tallow. It is used in the manufacture of soaps and oleochemicals, as well as for animal feed.

 Yellow Grease: Yellow grease is a lower grade of tallow that is produced in the rendering process. It is used mainly for animal feed.

Corn Oil

Corn oil (maize oil) is an edible vegetable oil that is extracted from the center germ of corn kernels. Corn oil is generally less expensive than other types of vegetable oils. It is often found as a key ingredient in margarines.

Refined Corn Oil: Refined corn oil is obtained from refining crude corn oil. It is an amber liquid, remains liquid at room temperature, melting to a light amber liquid when heated. Its high smoke point makes it a valuable frying oil.