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Welcome to Tradeway Direct Ltd

We are a specialized International Trading Company with principal activity: [51.11] Sale of Agricultural products, Live stock, Commodities, Industrial Materials, Semi - Finished Goods

We locate, negotiate price and deliver large scale goods to our buyers worldwide. From sourcing Office Papers, Animal Feeds, Food and Beverages, Agricultural products, Livestock, Scraps Metals, PPE, to petrol, to rice, to procuring your Minerals. Whatever you need, get in touch.

We are a recognised business to business trader with a solid global network that enables us to carry out the exchange of commodities transactions seccessfully. Working with a wide range of products – from Raw- Semi - Finish to Consumer, Business, or governments. 14 years of experience has taught us to meet even the most stringent quality requirements to help our customers improve and protect their margin and to strengthen their businesses against the competition..

We are at your service with


We are dedicated to building strong, professional relationships with buyers. It is our utmost priority to be able to meet buyer’s needs and ensure complete satisfaction with our supplies. We believe in developing these relationships through integrity and honest work. Trust is vital in operating within our own domain and we believe in that same principle for our customers.


To provide the freshest products every season, distinguishing ourselves as the most ethical and reliable partner with our suppliers. As we move forward, gain worldwide recognition for providing quality products, maintain long lasting collaborative relationships thus uplifting our manufacturers and helping to increase the quality of businesses.


We have the confidence to capitalise on our global network, our relationships, and our professional expertise to ensure a satisfactory outcome.
We believe that behaving with integrity means doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do – a principle fundamental to our success.


If professionalism, honesty and reliability are our brand values, we must adhere to the highest standards, consistently, so that clients know they can trust us.
Reliability is measured by results. To us, this means delivering what we we say we will deliver on time, without error, and without compromise.

Agricultural Raw Materials

The global demand for Agricultural Products is massive and continually rising due to economic development and population growth. Whether for human consumption or alternative, trading in Agricultural products is vital for industry and domestic use worldwide.

Semi - Finish

Our logistical network is exceptional. From initial sourcing to purchase and delivery of goods and materials, to packaging, shipment and transportation, we manage the process from point of origin to final destination.


Bulk and packed chemicals are essential to a variety of sectors worldwide including pharmaceutical, agricultural, paper manufacture, water treatment and engineering industries. We can source and distribute chemical solutions for industry requirements.

Food Supplies

The food and drink industry is a huge global manufacturing sector which is both an essential and innovative area of commerce. Whether for import, export or expansion, we can help you grow your business.
Our supplies are respectively certified and complies with International Market Requirements.

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