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It’s all connected. Our methodology begins with our farmers. In our integrated approach, we begin by offering organic & natural certification and training to our farmers. Through our certified sources and under the guidance of our ground level force, we ensure a supply chain of quality organic & natural goods. We pay our farmer partners a premium over market prices and subsequently make agriculture a viable option for them.

When you work with us, we promise you:

Without you, there is no business! So, we treat all our customers as part of the family.


A vast number of Oil Seeds is available here in safe and sound bulk packaging options at very low prices. Our list comprises Linen brown, Golden linen, Rape, Sunflower, Mustard yellow (Sarepta), Black mustard, White mustard, Sowing ginger, Safflower, Coriander, Milk thistle, Pongamia Pinnata, Hybrid Castor, Jatropha, Hibiscus Cannabinus, Brown Neem, Hulled Sesame, Natural Sesame, Niger,

Without our farmers, we cannot move forward. Our successful model starts with forging strong relationships with local farmers – by recruiting them through their local organizations.
We do not provide direct financial assistance to the farmers. However, what we do provide are quality inputs – including organic seeds, bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides – to encourage organic & natural farming practices, increase farm yields, and maintain high standards of the final product. We strive to make our farmers empowered, not dependent.

Milk thistle



Sowing ginger