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Feed Ingredients

Safe Feed - Safe Food

The quality of the feed ingredients served to your livestock will directly affect the health of your animals. The source and composition of your animal feed ingredients are critical for your business. We are deeply rooted in the food industry and committed to providing quality products to all consumers, including and especially our animals.

 High Protein Feed Ingredients
We offer a variety of feed ingredients throughout the world. Our products include a wide range of high-quality amino acids, vegetable proteins, and animal by-products sourced from leading international producers which are specifically formulated for animal feed. These animal feed products are offered in a range of protein percentages and packaging options so that you can produce the perfect blend of livestock feed (chicken feed, poultry feed, and pig feed) or pet foods such as dog food, cat food, etc.We leverage our strategic relations and assets to execute our mission – The Right Source, The Right Price, The Right Time – We Deliver!

Animal Proteins Feed Ingredients:

Poultry By-Product Meal

65% Protein

This animal feed is 65% highly digestible protein. Poultry by-product feed ingredients are an economical and nutritional feed for your livestock.

Crude Protein: Min 65.00%
Crude Fat: Min 12.00%
Crude Fiber: Max 3.00%
Ash: Max 14.00%
Moisture: Max 10.00%
Color:  Light to Medium brown

Poultry By-Product Meal

60% Protein

Made from poultry parts and is 60% highly digestible protein. This poultry by-product is another economical and nutritional animal feed ingredient.

Crude Protein:Min 60.00%  Crude Fat:Max 16.00%  Crude Fiber:Max 3.00%  Ash:Max 20.00%  Moisture:Max 10.00%  Color: Light to Medium brown

Poultry Meal

(Petfood Grade) 65% Protein

This includes but is not limited to necks, feet, and intestines, and excludes feathers. It is an economical, highly digestible, and nutritional feed ingredient.

Crude Protein:Min 65.00%  Crude Fat:Min 10.00%  Crude Fiber:Max 3.00%  Calcium:Min 4.20% – Max 5.20%  Phosphorous:Min 2.00%  
Flavor:Typical Poultry smell  
Color:Light to Medium brown